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Awesome. Amazinf band, amazing support. I've been awake for 36 hours. I do not take responsibility for what I did at the show.
Also: won Bright Star soundtrack, it came through the post, it is now in my iTunes library. Tech-fucking-nology.
cheerful glad I went
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Since hearing about how it is not common to smell or taste anything in dreams, I've been keeping an eye open (yes I did just make that joke) for when it happens.  I just woke up from being a kid in an incredible flower shop and confectionery.  Roses and pie.

I have recurring dreams.  This is not one of them.  This is new.
I am so in love with wherever that came from.

In my other dream, Brendon Urie came over and we watched a movie, talked about how many awesome ties he owned, and then I tried to get him to listen to Cage- but that's more like what the fuck, brain?

In real life, I just took over a bunch of new lines, and IDK an entire scene where thankfully I say and do very little but there's still blocking, for somebody who had to back out of the play.  We're doing Dark of the Moon, and when that's over, it's Tobacco Road to memorize.  I was supposed to be completely memorized by today, that's not happening.  Otherwise it's going well.  I met some nice people, I sing a song, and we all get to square dance.
That's right, GET TO.  How jealous are you right now?

Tonight is Rosh Hashanah, who's excited, not me really.  Also my aunt in New York just called me and that was tres awkward.

Classes are nice: anthropology, weird teacher, I feel like I'm going to be arguing a lot that mostly people are dumb.  Intro to Criminal Justice- the instructor is about seven kinds of awesome.  Survery of music history- history! music! essentially it's the best course ever, except for having to memorize all these definitions.  And voice class is okay too.  I like knowing how quickly I can learn things by ear, and I picked up the German for my song pretty quickly but the melody is still kicking my ass for some reason.

I refuse to be ill, and I am going to New York in December FOR REAL, and generally my life is swell even if I don't always know it.
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Clearly I have been misinformed.  Awesome exists, it's right behind you, OMG.

1.  Generation Kill
This is powerful, offensive, hysterical stuff, supremely handled by one of the fucking best casts I've ever had the pleasure of being mesmerized by (two words: James Ransone).  Take a good long look at the smoothest seven hours of filmmaking to ever grace a screen, Hollywood, and why can't you be more like your sister?

2.  Star Trek
I've only seen it three times.  The rest of the time I am consumed by my own stupidity for not seeing it in IMAX.  Yeah, so, maaaybe having some seriously good-looking men IN VERY VERY FITTED UNIFORMS BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF EACH OTHER helps, but, I don't know, I guess the really fucking clever script is a clincher.

3.  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Plot is left out, shit blowing up is put in-- meanwhile, Draco Malfoy is pimpin' and Potter is suddenly awesome.  David Yates, I could kiss you.
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Cage- Follow the Bleeder
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Though lacking Jean-Luc Picard (it wasn't that much of an AU) and his gloriously bald dome, Star Trek still ate my face off.  Seriously, who misled me into thinking this is not the most batshit awesome film ever?

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Booked the flight to NY.  Un/fortunately am staying through Christmas and New Years'; everyone should do it once, or not, the voices and I will see how it works.
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MCR- House of Wolves
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Boring backstoryCollapse )

Sometimes it worked.  As for ignoring the symptoms and possible side effects, I am now a full-blown yenta.

I am almost positive that this derives from my ongoing sickish fascination with humanity as a separate species (I don't understand people, and they usually don't like me, I'm a freak, blah blah.  So I hide in the foliage and take pictures) and middle-class America's/world's mundane...ness, selfishness, and complete lack of objectivity. 

...Collapse )

So now I want to know everything about everything, but also don't really because, jeez, it's probably dumb.  Tell me anyway in the hopes of making me less of a social fuck-up; don't tell me how that's counterproductive.

Desperation does magical things.

calm calm
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Madder Mortem- Formaldehyde
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want to see you move like you're from arizona (batshit hardcore)Collapse )

accomplished accomplished
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Elis- Black Angel
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So, this was going to be about Mondays and how God spoke unto the nations and told them how Mondays were going to suck to make the rest of week phenomenally better in comparison (He left out the part about this being a deal with Satan while they were stoned)...but then I think I started shipping God/Michael.

On one of the Sundays when God and Satan smoked up togetherCollapse )

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I hate public places.  I don't like crowds and am very possibly frightened by them (crowds, not mobs, it's different; teenagers, not adults- it's high school all over again).  So I am going to be so fucking cool lookit and ignore people with my [hypothetical] Shades of Doomy Plastic.

Wal-mart better have what I need, and I better get access to a sewing machine (I am badass I hem my own pants) but unfortunately, due to a large ocean separating my country from Europe both ways and lack of foresight, there will be no Pee-mates.  Them Port O' Johns.  Do they sell hazmat suits toilet seat covers in supermarkets?

All of this AKA My Super Freakout Over Nothing, or like, Being a Free Person, because seriously?  Priorities, let me go get them!  I lose my shit and go comatose over what I am doing right now (I think).  Maybe.

No, this was going to be a clever little thing about how much I obviously suck at being normal, or normal relative to the norm, which is not so normal, and this always goes back to how much easier this would all be if, switching to plural first p. to avoid the Onwent Awkwardism, we all just, fit in, ya know?  Fit into skinny pants, that is, and glued the 'do, and no, the people in my head are not scene.

I think I'm babbling.  Computer text babble is not so good.  I hate crowds!  Did I mention I hate crowds?  Did I say I'm the slickest they is?  Meanwhile, my mother is like, are you performing?  I return a witball.  Yeah, I say, I'm playing at Warped with my band, right after Underoath (which is total B.S. because Underoath will headline your ass).  Me (cont.):  I don't even think I'd be this nervous if I was onstage.  Mom:  So join a band.  Me:  I'll get right on that. 
We sip our Diet Snapples.


anxious anxious
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